Thursday, April 23, 2009


It is time for a bit of a Zen-like handicapping tip from your author. I am enjoying watching my copy of the 1973 Kentucky Derby coverage and it is rather amazing to me that some of the "experts" on the telecast were discussing doubt regarding Secretariat. We sit here today thirty-six years on wondering how anyone could have possibly doubted Secretariat now.

Remember, though, that this was between two very different performances by Big Red. He lost the Wood Memorial to Angle Light and Sham just before the Kentucky Derby that year, we know now that he was suffering a painful abscess in his mouth that caused him problems at Aqueduct. This was not known at the time in 1973. Five weeks after the Derby, Secretariat forever cemented his place in racing lore with his 31-length score in the Belmont Stakes, which won him the Triple Crown.

The lesson here, though, is that doubt is prevalent in anything you do horse racing-wise. Your handicapping is included in that sentiment. You will inevitably have doubt as to whether you have selected the right horse, made the right wager, or considered the right angle. You cannot be victim to these doubts you will have, you cannot bet every horse in any race because you just cannot afford it. Whenever you make a wager, whether you are slumping or winning everything in sight, be confident in it. Negative thoughts (or doubt) will cause negative things to happen. When you are putting your money where your mouth is, positive thoughts must prevail.

Tune in to They Are Off tomorrow for a look at the Derby Trial at Churchill Downs. For right now, I am Gone...GOODBYE!

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