Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here's To The Ladies

Ry Eikleberry is going to be the leading rider at Turf Paradise for the 2010-2011 season. That much already seems certain. Through February 23, Eikleberry has 104 victories from 553 starters for a win percentage of 19%. One thing about the rider colony that resides beneath Eikleberry in the standings is the proliferation of excellent women riders that Turf Paradise has produced this season.

Anne Von Rosen is currently the leading female rider at the meeting with 57 winners from 299 starters, which matches Eikleberry's win percentage at 19%. Von Rosen has been part of a dynamic duo when paired with leading trainer Mike Chambers. It seems that every time Von Rosen and Chambers pair up, the results are either a win or a very competitive performance from the horse. Lori Keith has been winning races in bunches lately for the trainers she works for. Right now, she sits second on the ladies' ladder with 41 winners from 192 mounts. Those of you with a calculator will realize that gives her a win percentage of 21%, better than either Von Rosen or Eikleberry.

We could be looking at a milestone moment coming very soon to Turf Paradise for one of our women riders. Vicky Baze currently stands just four winners from 2,000 for her fine career. For 2010-2011, Baze has 35 winners and is third behind Von Rosen and Keith for leading lady honors. Kristina Kenney was having an outstanding season before being sidelined after winning 33 races this year. Of course, Kenney will have more something more important to worry about than getting into the Winner's Circle once her own milestone moment (and blessed event) occurs later this year. Congratulations Kristina!!!

Tammi Piermarini was a late addition to the colony at Turf Paradise, but in the same way that Anne Von Rosen and Mike Chambers have been a tough team, you can also say that about Piermarini and trainer Burton Sipp. They are very hard to overcome if they have some good horse flesh to work with. There is even an apprentice to keep your eyes on when it comes to the Turf Paradise female jockey set. Megan Fadlovich has been drawing rave reviews from many members of the public at Turf and she has earned those laurels. While she has only won ten races, she has a very strong in-the-money percentage of 27% from her 153 starters so far.

By and large, the profession of being a jockey is still one that is dominated by the boys. However, the ladies are certainly staking their claim at Turf Paradise and the racing action is much the better for it.

Tune in again tomorrow for more from They Are Off. For right now, I am Gone... GOODBYE!


The_Knight_Sky said...

Is there any particular reason why so many ladies have infiltrated the Turf Paradise Jockey Colony?

Michael Chamberlain said...

I would say that they appear to get a fair shake when it comes to having the opportunities to show their stuff. The horsemen at Turf (in my opinion) don't seem to have any qualms about riding them on their horses.

Flavio said...

Hey Mike, Got to see Megan ride here at Rillito on Sundays when Turf was closed and she can ride a little....sits nicely on the horse....Jim Collins-Announcer at Rillito Park