Thursday, January 27, 2011

Perfect Match

That is what most of the people associated with the two horses in question seem to think. Zenyatta, the 2009 Breeders' Cup Classic winner and 2010 Horse Of The Year, will be bred to Bernardini, the 2006 Preakness winner and Champion Three-Year-Old the same season, for her first mating session.

There had been some question as to who the Sire would be for the most famous Dam to come along in many a moon. Bernardini's Sire, A.P. Indy, was given consideration from what I understand, but the connections thought better of a May-December romance for Zenyatta's first foal. In fact, the connections seem to think that Bernardini and Zenyatta fit together nicely. According to the story on the situation, David Ingordo, advisor to the Mosses, said "There were physical reasons, the two complement each other,” he said, “and there were pedigree reasons, the two complement each other. Everybody agreed.”

Certainly, Bernardini is the logical choice for such a tall order. In the last two years, Bernardini has covered 255 mares with a relatively successful live foal rate, according to The Jockey Club and the story. His pedigree is impeccable and his racing record nearly so. It will be most interesting to see what this pairing will produce when the time comes. There should be some interest in what the foal will be named. Zendini, Bernardyatta, or maybe Sting will have an idea or two?

It will also be interesting to see who would be next in line for Zenyatta. Certainly, a horse like Tapit has established himself as an outstanding Sire in a relatively brief time, and wouldn't it be a hoot if Blame and Zenyatta were to produce a foal after all the feisty discussion that captivated the racing public since the Breeders' Cup Classic. Certainly, there is a part of me whimsical enough to want to see an all-Moss affair with Giacomo getting his chance to mate with Zenyatta. Whichever way those that make such decisions lean, they must be aware that these decisions are crucial to many racing and Zenyatta fans. If ever anyone earned the title, "The People's Horse", it was the mighty Zenyatta.

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