Thursday, April 29, 2010

What The Voices Think... Part Deux

Last year, I had the brainstorm to inquire of some of my announcer friends as to who they thought would win the Kentucky Derby. Of course, no one came up with Mine That Bird, but two (Tom Harris and Frank Mirahmadi) selected PioneerOf The Nile, who finished second to the upset winner. So, in the continuing effort to find some announcer love (and a winner, hopefully), They Are Off proudly presents What The Voices Think... Part Deux:

Pete "The Anchor" Aiello (River Downs)- Make Music For Me
Jason Beem (Portland Meadows)- Ice Box
Pat Cummings (Manor Downs)- Stately Victor
John Lies (Lone Star and Hialeah)- Lookin At Lucky
Dan Loiselle (Woodbine)- Awesome Act
Frank Mirahmadi (California Fairs and TVG)- Conveyance
Vic Stauffer (Hollywood)- Stately Victor
Don Stevens (Delta Downs)- Ice Box
James Witherite (Harrah's Chester)- Jackson Bend

I must also add that I got a couple of "I don't knows" from a few other colleagues, which given the wide-open manner this Derby seems to have is totally understandable. Also, Pete Aiello self-glossed The Anchor to his pick and since his original pick was Endorsement, who was unfortunately injured and eliminated from the race the day after he made the pick, I had to buy in to The Anchor nickname. I must thank all my fellow announcers that responded with either selections or uncertainty and wish all of these gentlemen the best of luck with their picks.

As for my Kentucky Derby selection, well, that is what the Friday blog post is for. Tune in tomorrow for more from They Are Off. For right now, I am Gone... GOODBYE!

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