Wednesday, May 04, 2011

What The Voices Think 3.0

For the third consecutive year, I have asked some of my fellow announcers in the horse racing world for their opinions on who will win the Kentucky Derby. The first two years of this produced exactly zero correct selections (although Don Stevens of Delta Downs DID have the trifecta in his first three picks he e-mailed last year). Don's pick for this year will be posted later on this week in an update of this post. However, here is the sampling from some other voices of racing:

Pete "The Anchor" Aiello (Hialeah and River Downs)- Twinspired
Craig Braddick (Yavapai Downs)- Dialed In
Tom Harris (Retama Park and Houston)- Midnight Interlude
John Lies (Lone Star Park)- Animal Kingdom
Dan Loiselle (Woodbine)- Archarcharch
Don Stevens (Delta Downs)- Dialed In
Travis Stone (Louisiana Downs)- Midnight Interlude
James Witherite (Harrah's Chester Harness)- Dialed In

As I said, this post will be updated with more picks as they come in to the home office. Tomorrow will feature Derby selections from my old Houston co-handicappers, Martha Claussen and Dr. Reid McLellan. Friday will be the big day with this voice's selections for the 137th Kentucky Derby. For right now, I am Gone... GOODBYE!

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